Senior Living & Care

  Optimise spend and contribute to residents’ satisfaction

Operating a Senior Living or Care community is increasingly demanding. Therefore, it is prudent to get some support from a dedicated partner that understands the needs of your stakeholders, residents, staff and guests.

Entegra is that partner: to purchase with efficiency and get expertise and support for your senior living or care community. We ensure you benefit from:


Guaranteed level of savings visible from the 1st month.


Register with us and benefit fully from best prices at the quality you expect. Our data analytics guarantee the best market basket.


You choose: a tailored product catalogue with relevant suppliers and products, matching your expectations. Need further support? Benefit from our advisory services to buy even smarter.


You keep the benefits of a direct relationship with your suppliers; we negotiate everything for you.


A strong buying power and the expertise of Entegra Hospitality and Care sectors.