Why Entegra?

The Entegra Team Model is a relationship based on collaboration, transparency and trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me?

Nothing as Entegra Europe fees are generated from savings.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size and complexity, to get the best possible results, things can take anywhere between one and three months to put into place.

Can I continue to use my local suppliers?

We provide potential savings by product and on that basis a client can make a decision, but there is no obligation to move away from local suppliers.

Is Entegra Europe a short term solution?

No. We work hard to form long term partnerships, becoming an extension of your goods staff, your food and beverage cost control management and your purchasing department.

Do I have set suppliers, or can I change my suppliers around?

We encourage consistency but only when quality and prices are maintained. In the event that this should not be the case, or at specific request by a client, supplier changes can and will be made, speedily.

Will my chef have lots of paperwork to do?

No, we do our very best to make all paperwork as straightforward (and minimal) as possible!

How often do you visit?

We won’t pester but we’ll visit as often as is necessary to consistently achieve desired results.

Can Entegra Europe assist with menu writing?

As well as providing food and hospitality buying solutions, we are more than happy to help you to organise, write and advise on your food menu.

Will Entegra Europe cost my menus for me?

Happily, but we prefer to train your staff to do this so they may validate costs and suggested tariffs.

What is the Entegra Europe model and how does it work?

It is a success-related model. We will take an agreed share of the purchasing savings identified. We collect the purchasing savings via rebates from the suppliers and pay the client’s share back to them, creating a new income stream. We also collect a supplier membership fee from the suppliers – this does not impact the level of savings you receive. Operational client fees are billed to the Hotels to cover support on menus, wastage etc. Our mission is to deliver savings solutions. We only get paid when We deliver savings.

What are typical savings levels?

In a non-inflationary market, our typical savings on food can be anything up to 20% on a given commodity or supplier. The average saving on the overall food shopping is between 7%-15%. Importantly, what we deliver in year 1 is then maintained or improved upon in future years.