System Solutions

As part of your partnership with Entegra, we are proud to provide you with cutting edge systems to support your day to day procurement decisions.

From recipe costing systems and procure-to-pay through to rebate management solutions and interfacing with 3rd party system provider, our technology can be tailored to your specific needs. At Entegra, we are committed to ongoing investment and developing new solutions for our clients.

Whether reducing administration, providing compliance through effective reporting or aiding improved procurement decisions, our technology will support your performance and enhance your control.

Price Management

We ensure that suppliers invoice at agreed prices. Our invoice discrepancy dashboard tile will highlight any overcharges and allow you to request credit notes from the suppliers.

Procure to Pay

In 2018 we launched our own online ordering platform. No longer do our clients need to invest in 3rd party systems, ours comes included in our fees. The system allows users to order what they need and ensure that they are paying the best available price for the goods. Onboarding is quick, we can get you using the system with a day’s training and set up. Orders are sent straight through to suppliers and invoice reconciliation can be completed within the system.

  • Clarity of orders – you know you are ordering the right product at the best price
  • Confirmation of goods received – credit notes for goods not received are requested from the supplier electronically
  • Ease of invoice processing – the system reconciles each invoice checking for over charges on price and quantity. Export the invoice data straight through to your accounting system and no double entry of data.

Rebate Management & Collection

We manage our clients’ rebates and take the pain out of a process that can be complex and time consuming.

  • Rebates invoiced to suppliers and collected on your behalf
  • local taxation compliant process
  • Payments sent to clients with full reconciliation

Real-time Reporting

Personalised dashboards available for all our clients that ensure information is up to date and easy to read. Information available includes:

  • Trend reporting – cost of your basket and the movement over time
  • Top 10 purchases – ability to focus on higher spend areas Inflation reporting
  • Best price purchasing – where can cost be mitigated whilst ensuring quality is consistent

Interface with Third-party Systems

We can support you with procurement system management and maintenance, either directly through our solution or interfacing with other third-party solutions if required.

Recipe Costing System

Our easy to use and comprehensive system allows your head chefs and restaurant managers to provide a detailed recipe costing for all your menus. Dishes are costed once and then pricing is updated in real time allowing you to effectively track cost trends and highlight the impact of price changes to your margin.

Allergen Management

Food Allergen Management is the UK’s largest allergen support system and ensures your menus are always fully up-to-date with the relevant allergen information and is also compliant.

Food Flash

Ensure you are aware of your food costs daily. Our food flash can be used by importing data or inputting manually so it meets the needs of both group and independent hotels.

COMING SOON – Calorie Management System